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Protecting Your Company from IT Security Breaches

Cybercrime is accelerating, with over 500,000 incidents reported last year. It costs businesses money, time and their reputation. However, organizations can act proactively to reduce their risk and stay on top of trends. Sharing some insights on the state of cybersecurity, Rob Greggs, Senior Systems Engineer at Arctic Wolf, joined On Air host Brandy Semore. […]

On Air: Tips for Bridging the Gender Gap in STEM

  Fresh off of last year’s much-discussed all-woman spacewalk, we’re looking toward the 2020s as a decade in which women will continue to shoot for the stars. However, the tech field has some significant catching up to do. We’re all worse off when women are under represented in the tech world. Here’s how we can […]

On Air with Pinnacle: The Price of Privacy: What Really Goes into Safeguarding From Cyber Attack

  There’s no escaping the spread of technology in our everyday lives. Whether we’re using our phones, cars, or credit cards, digital information is all around us. That information, just like physical possessions, is prone to theft. Privacy and security of invisible data are just as important as protecting a home, and yet, many schools […]

On Air with Pinnacle: Education & Technology: IT Innovation in Education Systems

  On this episode of On Air with Pinnacle, Host James Kent spoke with Todd Borland, Executive Director of Technology, Union Public Schools, Tulsa, OK, and Dr. Jack Green, Solutions Leader for PK-12 and Higher Education Partners, Pinnacle Business Systems about the evolving role of IT departments in education systems, from helping start eSports leagues in […]

On Air with Pinnacle: Ensure Your Business’ Future By Protecting Its Past

  The business world relies on data; there’s no escaping it, and there shouldn’t be a desire to. Sophisticated data analysis is making business more efficient across the board. On this episode of the MarketScale Industrial IoT Podcast, Lane Leach, Senior Systems Engineer for Pinnacle Business Systems, sat down with host Sean Heath and they […]