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Welcome to On Point - A podcast by X-Nav where expert guests discuss real ways that dental surgeons are using X-Guide Navigation today.


The more Dr. Iskandar learns about dental implants and technology, the more he loves his results: On Point

  On this episode of On Point, a podcast from X-Nav, Host Tyler Kern talked with Dr.Mounir Iskandar, a certified restorative and cosmetic dentistry specialist and a Surgical Prosthodontist at Radiance Dentistry. The duo spoke about his career and the technologies he employs in dentistry. When Iskandar graduated from medical school in 1998, dental implants […]

Why Dynamic Navigation Is A Perfect Fit In an Oral Surgery and Dental Implant Practice

  Oral and maxillofacial surgeon Dr. Aaron Quitmeyer performs dental implant surgery at his Shenandoah Oral & Facial Surgery Dental Implant Center in Harrisonburg, VA. In Dr. Quitmeyer’s modern, technology-driven practice, he uses X-Guide navigation to perfect the smiles he places on his patient’s faces. Dr. Quitmeyer spoke to On Point about his practice and […]

Going Digital with CBCT, I/O and Navigation technologies for Restorative Driven, Single Implant, Full Arch, and Sinus Lift Procedures

For patients needing everything from a single implant to total or partial edentulism, digital technology is streamlining and improving the workflow for dental implants. What’s making a big difference? The X-Guide and Dynamic Navigation. Dr. Robert Pauley Jr., DMD, practices dentistry in Union City, Georgia, where he and his staff have been bringing smiles to […]