Propelling: The Sky’s the Limit with LiDAR Technology

  The LiDAR technology market’s expected growth is up to USD 2.2 billion by 2024, according to Markets & Markets. The adoption of Lidar systems in UAVs is a contributing factor to this expanding growth. Chuck Dorgan, Microdrone’s Director of Sales for the Americas, and Sebastien Long, Microdrone’s Canada & US Sales manager, shared their […]

Propelling: Microdrones’ First Class Support

  Surveying has always been a labor-intensive, precise industry. The technological advances from Microdrones have increased precision while reducing the manpower required. On this episode of the Propelling podcast, Matt Rosenbalm, Microdrones Sales Manager for the Southern US, Ross Kenney, UAS Sales and Support Lead for Navigation Electronics, and Robert Martin, Licensed Surveyor & Senior […]

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Propelling: Meet Your Newest Member of Law Enforcement–Drones

  “There’s never a lack of interest in what can be done with a drone,” said Rick Rayhel, sales manager for Microdrones. Here on Propelling, a Microdrones podcast, we’ve experienced the same sentiment, exploring UAVs used for all sorts of innovative purposes. Today, we highlighted their role in crime and crash scene analysis. Though new […]

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Propelling: How Microdrones Sets Distributors Up to Succeed with Marketing Support, Content

  Drones aren’t toys; they’re solutions. On this episode of the Propelling podcast, host Daniel Litwin sat down with three Microdrones team members for an in-depth discussion on drone distributorships, branding, and the tremendous marketing opportunity that exists for third-parties looking at drones to ride the wave into the future. Today’s show features Director of […]

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Propelling: How to Maximize Crowdsourced Content for You and Your Crowd

  Developing content and telling great stories has become a fundamental pillar for modern marketing. While developing content in-house is a major function of marketing teams, crowdsourced content is integral too, connecting to audiences in really personal way. That’s exactly what the team at Microdrones is doing, using stories from their B2B end-users and distributors […]

Propelling: ¿Cómo cambiarán los drones a las industrias latinoamericanas?

  This podcast was conducted in Spanish. If you’d like a full transcript translation in English, as well as more insight on the state of drones in Latin America, click here. En comparación con los helicópteros y otras aeronaves tripuladas, los UAV son convenientes y económicos, requieren menos mantenimiento, menos combustible y representan menos riesgo […]

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Propelling: Taking the Future of Construction to the Skies

  Drones are creating new workflows, processes and applications in construction design, surveying and mapping, and many see them as the future of the construction industry. Rick Rayhel, Microdrones‘ Sales Manager for United States’ Western Region, is one of those people; he’s seen first hand how drones can enhance the construction business. In the U.S., […]

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Propelling: How Drones and 3D Mapping are Remodeling Building Design

  Mapping is much different than it was even just a few years ago. Three-dimensional models are the new standard, improving upon the traditional two-dimensional renderings and blueprints. Drones are a big part of this revolution and are giving everyone from architects to surveyors unprecedented access to landscapes, structures and worksites. Irene Kwan, Microdrones‘ Sales […]

Propelling: Even with Varied Regulations, the Middle East is Transforming Drone Usage, with Charles Al Rachid of Microdrones

  Drones are revolutionizing the way that many companies do business all over the world, and that’s not limited to just a few countries. Though everyone feels the impact, not every country handles the growth the same. The United States is under FAA regulation and Canada follows Transport Canada rules; what do the laws and […]

Propelling: What Canada’s New Regulations Mean for the International Drone Market with Sebastien Long of Microdrones

  As drones have become more widespread in the consumer market, new regulation has been needed and set in order to ensure air traffic safety. In 2018, the U.S. introduced the FAA Reauthorization Act, which helped provide clarity to pilots of unmanned vehicles. Now, Transport Canada has announced new drone regulations as well that will […]


  MEET AUDREY PANN Audrey Pann is the Microdrones sales manager for the southern and western parts of Europe. She started with Microdrones in February of 2017, bringing a wealth of experience from her career in sales and marketing. Prior to Microdrones, Audrey was a sales executive and associate for R&Drone where she oversaw marketing […]