Scaling Up

As the Chief Revenue Officer at MarketScale, Tim Maitland knows a thing or two about leading revenue teams. But now he’s on the hunt to speak with experts across B2B as they share their stories and insights as leaders at the forefront of their industry.


B2B Digital Transformation and the Importance of Owned Content Channels

How are B2B companies handling the next phase of digital transformation when it comes to owned content channels? Let’s find out, as host Tim Maitland talked with Mike McCalley, VP at Vixxo, a facilities management company. McCalley has a long career in marketing leadership, working for GE, Flowserve and CECO Environmental. In discussing digital transformation […]

The Role of Video and Narrative in Empowering Sales

On the debut episode of “Scaling Up,” a show featuring Maitland’s conversations with business innovators and industry leaders, Maitland speaks with MarketScale’s own  Josh Brummett, Vice President of Production to find out how video can help take sales to new heights. The first step, Brummett said, is a simple one – you have to produce […]