Secrets of the Innovator

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Secrets of the Innovator: Connecting Legal Challenges and Policy with Technology

25-year U.S. military officer and internationally recognized subject matter expert on tech law Dawn Zoldi joined Secrets of the Innovator to share her journey with host Jason San Souci. Zoldi is the CEO and Founder of P3 Tech Consulting, a business dedicated to connecting people and companies passionate about advanced tech platforms with the […]

The Drone Industry’s Promising Future as 2021 Dawns

At CES 2021, a conference showcasing the latest technological innovations, companies showcased the latest and greatest in drone technology. At the same time the event was taking place, another conversation was happening about what the future of the industry would look like in the next few years. Juniper Unmanned Director of Strategic Programs Jason San […]

From Data to Decision: Scaling Technology to Pull Data Safely and Efficiently

Drone data collection has its uses across B2B industries, from delivery to inspection, mapping and more. But drones have their limits – namely their flight time and legal flying range. That’s why BVLOS, or Beyond Visual Line of Sight, is what everyone is talking about in the drone world and where the sensing and analytics […]