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Squared Away: The Story of SMC Squared—Our Founders Discuss Company Origins

Companies evolve, shift, and transform to survive and thrive. Evolution is built into SMC Squared’s DNA to ensure it can meet the global demands of its customers. SMC Squared’s Dr. Patricia Connolly, CEO & Founding Partner, and Steven Stephan, COO & Founding Partner, came together to discuss the company’s beginnings, how they address today’s needs, […]

Squared Away: Successfully Outsourcing Offshore Talent

Securing reliable offshore talent to supplement a U.S.-based workforce can be difficult to manage and maintain. This is especially true if a company has no experience with setting up offshore talent pools. Kevin Christ, Partner at Concentre spoke with Squared Away podcast host Gabrielle Bejarano about the advantages of working with SMC Squared in securing […]

Squared Away by SMC Squared: Understanding the BOT Model for Outsourced IT: Ecolab Digital Center’s GCC Transfer

When Fortune 500 company Ecolab, a worldwide leader in energy, water and hygiene technologies and services, found themselves with a lack of available talent to execute on big ideas they turned to experts at SMC Squared. Gabrielle Bejarano sits down with Malahar Pinnelli, VP of Technology and Managing Director at Ecolab Digital Center (EDC); Supriya […]

The Economics of a Global Capability Center

As outsourcing costs rise, while finding the right talent is akin to locating a needle in a haystack, CIOs search for solutions to these present-day challenges. Thankfully, global capability centers may offer an answer. Dr. Patricia Connolly, Founding Partner and CEO at SMC Squared, and Jan Ross, Former CIO at nThrive, sat down to discuss […]