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Season 4

The Great Divide: Providing Connectivity for Underserved Students

Imagine the most powerful tools for enriching our children’s minds – research, educational platforms, and other online curriculums. Yet, a widespread dilemma for low-income families now remains as being able to provide these resources for their students because of how costly or inaccessible it is to connect to the digital world. Classrooms are constantly evolving, […]

Building Blocks of Safety: Why Technology is Crucial for Creating Safer Construction Sites

Construction sites are inherently dangerous and with conditions changing daily from site-specific changes to weather conditions, it can be difficult to keep employees and contractors safe. In fact, 1061 employees died working in construction throughout 2019. Injuries for the same year were recorded at 79,660 with falls, slips, and trips accounting for more than 30% […]

Safety Through Technology: The Future of Emergency Pro AV

The need for emergency management mass notification systems is not new. For centuries, humans have worked to alert one another of impending dangers. From bonfires to church bells to sirens the instinct to protect human life and property is strong. In 1963, the Kennedy Administration introduced the Emergency Broadcast System to the U.S. infrastructure to […]

Track and Trace: Revolutionizing the Retail Industry’s Supply Chain With RFID

When it comes to retail operations, RFID technology has most frequently been used to track and trace inventory onsite. However, the potential for this technology to transform end-to-end supply chain logistics is very real. “Radio frequency identification, or RFID, offers a more accurate and much faster way to capture data in any track and trace […]

Season 3

Plug and Play: The Obstacles and Opportunities for Electric Vehicle Charging

People have been debating the existence and potential impact of global warming for decades. Despite this fact and amid ever-increasing evidence, little has been done to change the trajectory of the future when it comes to getting electric vehicles on the road. However, the rise in natural disasters, eroding seacoasts, and the fact that experts […]

Unlocking BVLOS: Expanding Drone Use Cases to New Horizons

As of 2022, the regulations in place monitoring and restricting drone operations within the U.S. air space have become a hindrance to maximizing the benefits of current drone technology. BVLOS, otherwise known as beyond the line of sight, flights are difficult, if not, nearly impossible to execute despite the potential for these flights to truly […]

The Fan Connection: The Impact Connectivity Has on the Fan Experience

There’s really nothing quite like going to a live sporting event. From football to soccer, baseball to basketball, and every sport that is played in a traditional venue, cheering along with a roaring crowd for a favorite team or player is an experience like no other. And today’s fans want even more – connected to […]

Pixels and Mortar: Examining the History and Future of LED

It’s hard to imagine the days when the sun used to be our only source of natural light. Since we’ve attempted to harness light in our societies, we’ve reigned in both the power of fire and electricity as game-changers for humanity’s lighting needs. Even within the most recent stretch of light bulb-powered society, lighting technology […]

Season 2

The Future of LEED Certification and Construction

LEED certification, or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is a comprehensive rating system that green-focused companies aim for in the construction of their buildings. Abiding by the guidelines to meet this certification not only comes with the honor of being recognized as a company that places an importance on environmental safety, but also for […]

Trading Up: The Rise of the Trades in B2B

Astronaut, singer, dancer, President of the United States – the future careers children dream about inspired by popular children’s media. But as children grow, they are encouraged by adults, as well as society, that they need to focus on realistic career paths that lead to a respectable profession. Encouraged to pursue popular career paths that […]

Industry 4.0 by 2050

Job security is top of mind for workers within the manufacturing space and that concern is growing with the increasingly prevalent AI and IoT technologies that are changing the manufacturing landscape. The fear that robots will take over and annihilate the need for people continues to dominate conversations regarding automating manufacturing processes. The reality – […]

Season 1

Menus of the Future: How Pro AV is Revolutionizing QSR Menus

In the age of technology, consumer needs have continued to increase; the restaurant industry is revolutionizing to keep up. Quick serve restaurants, or QSR’s, are among the first to implement strategies with the consumer in mind. With over 60% of the global population internet accessible, the mobile generation is accustomed to instantaneous and interactive experiences. […]

Designing for Noise: Building Quieter Healthcare Facilities

The timeless movie classic, “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest,” is set in the early 1960s. The grim psychological hospital is depicted with blank, white walls, hard and uninviting furniture, and barred windows to prevent the residents from escaping. Despite taking place almost 60 years ago, it sometimes seems like the hospital’s depiction doesn’t land […]

And Back to the Edge: Why Edge Computing is Gaining Ground on the Cloud

It wasn’t so long ago that cloud computing was the trending topic as the growth of the wireless industry and new technology implementations led to rapid migration from on-premises data centers to cloud servers. According to a Gartner Forecast study, over a third of organizations consider cloud computing as one of their top three investment […]