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Water and Moisture Control: Building It Right the First Time

  Two of the biggest threats to any structure are water and moisture. Once water permeates walls, it can lead to mold and rot. Ideally, you want to build the wall right the first time. To discuss the challenges with moisture and water control, Lasey Simon, Building Envelope Specialist at Tamlyn, shared her insights on this episode […]

Introducing Tamlyn Talk

A sturdy building is always greater than the sum of its parts, and Tamlyn’s new podcast aims to demonstrate that this rings true with the building industry as well. Join the Tamlyn Talk team as they meet with building science experts, architects, engineers, and other fellow industry leaders about their craft. Founded in 1971, Tamlyn […]

How Tamlyn and Woodtone Partnered to Produce Showstopping Materials

There is something about a design that can draw the eye. We often can’t explain it, but we’re drawn to an aesthetic or a certain item’s look. For Tom Feret of Tamlyn and Cale Kids of Woodtone, the companies’ partnership has done just that, with a Woodtone panel perfectly trimmed by a Tamlyn product at […]