TAS Talks Modular

This is TAS Talks Modular, a podcast where we explore worldwide modular solutions, featuring innovative and custom designs. Join us as we talk modular!


How to Perfectly Execute a Modular Project

    Today, modular construction is a mainstay for many industries. According to the Modular Institute, the modular industry doubled in size to $8 billion from 2014-2019. The need for quick, flexible construction solutions during the pandemic makes the modular construction industry busier than ever. So, with the needs greater than ever before, how should […]

Modular Design and Engineering Are Taking Over

    In the last five years, a design trend has emerged. Facilities like data centers and other solutions needed for high-tech industries are looking to match their demand with their infrastructure, TAS Energy CEO JT Grumski said, making speed to market a critical factor for builders. TAS is able to lean on its large […]