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Absen Jobcast: Warehouse Administrator

  The Warehouse Administrator provides warehouse support with a variety of clerical and administrative tasks. This position will also be a liaison with Absen HQ and must speak Mandarin. The minimum requirements include at least 5 years of administrative experience as well as a Highschool diploma or GED, however, a bachelor’s degree is preferred. Essential […]

Tech Talk with Absen: What’s Lit About Working at Absen LED

  Whether you are an LED expert or just learning what LED stands for, a Central Florida LED company is lighting up the hiring scene because of their employee focused approach and welcoming workplace environment. Absen, an Orlando based LED company offers new career opportunities, impressive benefits, and a workplace culture that embraces diversity and […]

LED Past, Present, and Future: How This Evolving Tech Transforms Business

  The late 90’s marked a revolutionary new advancement in display technology—LED (Light Emitting Diodes). Since the 90’s, LED tech has come a long way. In fact today’s guest, Mitch Rosenberg, Senior Director of Sales at Absen LED with 30 years of experience in LED tech, explains how “LED is still very much a growing […]

Crown Design Group and Absen create inspirational sanctuary environment for Action Church

As one of the fastest growing churches in the U.S., Action Church has become a community fixture in local Orlando areas including Oviedo, Sanford and Winter Garden. Most recently, Action Church expanded its reach when it opened its newest location in Winter Park, FL this past November as its first large, non-mobile location. Learn more […]

The Two Biggest Talking Points at LDI 2018 with Chris Prosio & Alison Maxson of Absen

  2018 marks the 30th anniversary of the Live Design International conference in Las Vegas, the premiere Pro AV show for the best in innovations in the live audience experience, from concerts, to theme parks to houses of worship. Live venue manufacturors have always been a key group for innovation in Pro AV; by always […]

RevelTV and Absen create immersive LED environments at the new multimillion-dollar Hale Centre Theatre in Utah

Orlando, Florida, USA (Oct. 12, 2018) – Since opening in November 2017, the Hale Centre Theatre at Mountain America Performing Arts Centre, located south of Salt Lake City, Utah, has captured the attention of theatre goers both near and far. The Hale Centre Theatre, which has been in the Salt Lake City area for close to 33 years and […]

Listen: Blending In to Stand Out with Paul Johnston of Absen America

  The animal kingdom has countless examples of when it’s good to stand out… and when it’s better to blend in with the surroundings. Flexibility is one of the keys to survival. The same can be said of the digital signage industry. On today’s podcast, our host spoke with Paul Johnston, the Vice-President of Technical […]

Listen: Balancing Quality and Reliability in LED with Chris Prosio from Absen

  With the audio-visual field evolving at the fastest rate we’ve ever seen, it’s become increasingly difficult to not only showcase iteration and evolution, but also remain reliable and consistent as quality increases. Chris Prosio, Director of Sales, Rental and Staging at Absen, joined us to talk about the future of LED displays and some […]

Listen: The Evolution of LED with Mitch Rosenberg of Absen

  On today’s podcast, we chat with Mitch Rosenberg, Director of Sales Fixed Install for Absen. We discuss the life of the LED, where we stand today on its evolutionary timeline, and the future of the industry. (Also, he divulges his Halloween candy distribution standards.) For the latest news, videos, and podcasts in the Professional […]