The Art of Waiting


The Art of Waiting: 8-Second Surveys Capture Customer and Employee Satisfaction for Actionable, Data-Centric Decisioning

  Erik Berg, VP of marketing at Nemo-Q, explained to Host Tyler Kern the benefits and ease of utilizing the 8-second survey. 8-second surveys gather data on the intended audience’s experience. It can be used to measure customer satisfaction of a product or service and even employees’ morale at the company. Why 8-seconds? Nemo-Q ran […]

How A Queuing System Helps Improve Wait Times At Vet Clinics

  Pet adoption soared during the pandemic. Nearly 20 percent of homes surveyed by the ASPCA adopted a pet. This increase in pet adoption leads to a domino effect that will increase wait times at the vet office. On this episode of The Art of Waiting, A NEMO-Q podcast, Host Courtney Echerd talked with Erik […]

How Queuing Technology Can Be Utilized in Banks

  On this episode of The Art of Waiting, A NEMO-Q podcast, Host Tyler Kern talked with Michael Berg, CEO of NEMO-Q, about queuing technology and how it can be utilized in banks. Queuing is matching up different people waiting in line for different things, tracking how long they wait, and then making sure you […]

How to Get Actionable Results from Customers in One Day

  Customer surveys are important. They are needed to understand who your customers are, what they’re trying to do, and how well a company is helping them achieve those goals. But crafting them is important, and questions need to be framed in a meaningful and actionable way. On this episode of The Art of Waiting, […]

How to Implement Future-Ready Queueing Solutions at Scale

With the world reopening and a considerable uptick in face-to-face interactions expected, more and more businesses face a demand and capacity issue. Namely, demand may exceed the capacity to handle customers. Queuing can provide the perfect solution, but it comes with an intimidating prospect. How do brick-and-mortar establishments integrate queuing at scale safely and efficiently […]

Outside of an Emergency Room

Why Queuing is Critical in Healthcare

  In today’s experience-driven society, people long for engaging, personalized attention. The healthcare market is no different, and it’s increasingly being driven by enhanced patient experiences. Patients are becoming more involved in their healthcare, and their attitude is shifting to that of a consumer. Evolving in pace, then, is critical for healthcare organizations, and queueing […]