The Fourth Revolution

The Fourth Revolution podcast, presented by Bartell, examines manufacturing, tech-driven change, and the competition among manufacturers. Through interviews from various industry experts, we tackle topics from talent development to robotics. We provide industry insights to guide manufacturers in the 4th industrial revolution.


How Supplier Diversity Networks Offer Innovation

  Here on the Fourth Revolution by Bartell, we talk about the disruptive technologies and trends that are changing the way we live and work. But today’s topic is a bit more retrospective, as host Shelby Skrhak discusses the importance of corporate diversity initiatives with Madi Dixon, Women Business Enterprises Business Development Ambassador for Bartell […]

The Fourth Revolution: How to Bring Your Legacy Company into the Digital Revolution

  The newest technologies like 5G, IoT devices, AI, and machine learning are “sexy” topics that drive conversation and thought leadership, but for many legacy companies, they’re a moonshot to incorporate into their own businesses. Old technology, old methodology, and the feared “That’s the way we’ve always done it!” are what keep long-time manufacturing businesses […]

said Greg Barnett

The Fourth Revolution: The Solution to the Manufacturing Labor Shortage Might Be An Internal One

  You can hardly listen to a political speech without hearing the buzzword – “manufacturing jobs.” As baby boomers retire from their lifelong careers in manufacturing, no one is stepping up to fill these vacant positions. But why? The manufacturing industry has an “industry image issue,” said Greg Barnett, senior vice president of The Predictive […]

Barbara Philibert says

The Fourth Revolution: Is Industry 4.0 Changing Manufacturers’ Skill Sets for the Better?

  In this episode of The Fourth Revolution by Bartell, Pettibone President and CEO Barbara Philibert went into detail on that, when it comes to Industry 4.0, the key to optimizing processes and performance in a global economy is data. “What a universal language data has become,” she said as she recalled a meeting in China […]

machine builders

The Fourth Revolution: It’s Time for Machine Builders to Take IIoT Seriously

  In almost any industry, IoT has become not only a consideration but a necessity, and many have already embraced and adopted it. Manufacturing has certainly seen the opportunities that come with integrating IoT, especially when it comes to cloud-based historical data on machine performance. Are the machine builders on board with this transformation, though? […]

The Fourth Revolution: How is a Skilled Labor Shortage Affecting Manufacturing?

  Though the unemployment rate is the lowest it’s been in recent memory, the skilled labor shortage doesn’t show any signs of letting up. On this episode of The Fourth Revolution by Bartell, host Daniel Litwin sat down with Randy Wolken, President & CEO of MACNY, the Manufacturers Association of Central New York to discuss […]

Shawn Lawlor says

The Fourth Revolution: Why Bartell is Bringing a Unique Voice to Manufacturing Content

  When the World Economic Forum introduced the term “Fourth Industrial Revolution” in 2016, it helped define the rapidly shifting lines between physical, digital, and technological spheres of influence. Technology and machinery are evolving, and literally revolving, faster than ever, and that’s rapid change is the motivation behind Bartell Machinery Systems‘ new podcast, The Fourth […]

Jonathan Kahn says

The Fourth Revolution: Passion for High Performance Translates to Compelling Content

  In this inaugural episode of The Fourth Revolution, brought to you by Bartell, we tapped into the fervent passion that Bartell employees have for the automotive industry, and why one particular team member’s love for cars gives him an edge in the marketplace. We sat down with marketing content coordinator Jonathan Kahn to discuss […]