The Future of Sanitation


The Intersection of Patient Experience and Safety

As National Director of Patient Experience at Compass One Healthcare and its subsidiary, Crothall Healthcare, Grant Randall knows the importance of patient experience and satisfaction. Factors such as the perception of safety in a healthcare environment create the reality – a hospital can do everything it can to make a patient safe, but customer satisfaction […]

What Should Building Managers Do If COVID Doesn’t Go Away?

We all want the coronavirus to go away and for COVID-19, social distancing and everything that goes with it to be remembered as a horrible part of a weird year. There are some encouraging signs, with Pfizer announcing promising news about a vaccine candidate and other medical companies making progress. But what if the […]

Toxic Cleaners Are Being Misused and Overused During the COVID Pandemic

Never before has American society paid as much attention to cleaning products and hygiene as it is now. Yet, even in this heightened moment of hygiene, John Shanahan, President and CEO of Ionogen, said we’re still not doing even close to enough research about the products being used – and often overused – during […]

Taking the Fight to COVID in the Air

Many office buildings’ back-to-work strategy during the coronavirus pandemic has centered on frequent cleaning of surfaces. Yet, because of how the virus works, we know that likely isn’t enough to prevent the spread of COVID-19. “The virus was originally thought to be hand-to-mouth, from surface to hand to mouth, transmission from one person to […]

The Future of Sanitation: Ionopure Pet Health Brings a New Level of Care to the World of Equine Sports

There are places we think of as clean and places we think of as less hygienic. Adella Thompson, an experienced horse trainer and enthusiast, has no doubt which category her favorite place is in. “I work in a barn,” Thompson said. “There’s a lot of manure and urine. There are horses everywhere. There are […]

The Future of Sanitation: The Physical and Mental Challenges Facing the Reopening of Schools

It’s a question on nearly everyone’s mind at the moment, from parents to politicians – how will kids return to the classroom while the coronavirus pandemic continues? For John Shanahan, Founder and CEO of Ionogen, the answer could be in devices like Purity Humidifiers and IonoMAX Misters, which he says would sanitize the air […]

A Better Solution: Safer Disinfectants for Use in Building Management

Dr. Bergein Overholt and John Shanahan, President & CEO of Ionogen, believe the majority of disinfectants and cleaning solutions used in household cleaners, hospitals, restaurants, schools and other buildings and workplaces are toxic and can lead to serious health problems. Dr. Overholt, a leading gastrointestinal physician for over 50 years, is also concerned about […]

Best Practices in Non-Toxic Sanitizing for Businesses

Which cleaning supplies are stocked in the janitor’s closet? Typically, that’s a decision that has been made down the org chart, if anyone is making the call at all. Now, during the coronavirus pandemic, the buck may stop at the very top when it comes to the choice of disinfectants or cleaning products. With […]

Formal Concerns About Casual Dining

The “casual” in “casual dining” should not refer to the restaurant’s attitude towards the cleanliness of the experience. In this episode of MarketScale’s Healthcare podcast, John Shanahan, president and CEO of Ionogen, sat down with host Sean Heath to discuss the recent chemical events in a popular fast-casual restaurant, how those chemicals got there […]

Stopping the Next Foodborne Outbreak Before It Occurs

It seems like every year, at least one foodborne outbreak terrorizes the nation, prompting Americans to throw away millions of tons of food. On this week’s podcast, food safety advocate and Ionogen president and CEO John Shanahan shared his insight into a new approach food providers are taking in order to prevent another outbreak […]

Your Gym Habit is Harming Your Health: The Harsh Truth Behind Cleaning Gym Equipment

Picture this: You’ve been going to the gym consistently for a few months and seeing great results. You’re shedding pounds and loving your look. But what if we told you your daily gym habit, a resolution for health, was permanently harming your body in irreversible ways? Unfortunately, this may be the ugly truth due […]

Is Bleach the Best Disinfectant? Yes and No

There’s a commercial that says something to the effect, ‘When you think of clean, you think of bleach.” That’s certainly true for its use as an effective disinfectant. But for a product that’s been around such a long time, its best applications are still misunderstood. To discuss today on the podcast, host Tyler Kern […]

Single-Use Wipes Are Making Germs Stronger, with John Shanahan of Ionogen

Did you know that the leading blue glass cleaner can kill you? Were you aware that the single-use wipes that many of us have in our kitchens and bathrooms are also putting our health at risk? At least, that’s what our guest today claims after years of research and industry experience. John Shanahan, President […]

The Leading Blue Glass Cleaner Can Kill; Should it Be in Schools? with John Shanahan of Ionogen & JPS Communications

Are you aware that the leading blue glass cleaner can kill you? Did you know that the leading disinfectant wipe on the market does not do anything? In this episode of the MarketScale Building Management Podcast, we speak with John Shanahan, the President and CEO of Ionogen and JPS Communications, who calls attention to […]