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Eric Thompson said

The Intersection: Retail Stores are Getting Smaller, and That’s a Good Thing

Retail stores across the country are undergoing enormous changes. As e-commerce creates competition, brick-and-mortar stores are focusing on developing a highly curated shopping experience for customers. Part of this curation means downsizing stores from large one-stop-shop warehouses to smaller, more intimate storefronts. On this episode of The Intersection by Bluewater, we’re joined by Eric…

Pro AV in the Modern Workplace: Episode One

The AV needs in the workplace are changing drastically. Gone are the days when workplace AV was synonymous with clunky media carts and huge projectors. AV is now being seen as a tool for creating and fostering office culture. Joining the Pro AV podcast today to discuss workplace AV is Scott Schoeneberger of¬†Bluewater Technologies….