ThenWhat 3×5

Welcome to 3x5, a podcast by ThenWhat. We ask global leaders and creatives 3 questions in 5 minutes to hear their perspectives as they share stories of positivity and optimism.


Beauty Redefined: What Is Modern Beauty?

  On this episode of 3×5, a podcast by ThenWhat, Host Grant Barth talked with Cece Meadows, Founder, and CEO of Prados Beauty, which designs and crafts high-quality cosmetics, makeup brushes, and lashes. He also talked with Julie Thibault, Founder of Martingale Advisors, which manages equity portfolios for many of the world’s most demanding corporate […]

ThenWhat 3×5: The Future of Modern Aging and the Changing Consumer Behavior

  David Stewart, Founder & Face of AGEIST, believes that it is possible to live one’s best life is possible at any age. He joined Grant Barth in a conversation on modern aging and how that’s changing consumer behavior. While sixty may not be the new thirty, but it doesn’t have to mean ‘ready to […]

ThenWhat 3×5: How Authentic Queerness Illuminates Work and Careers

  a podcast by ThenWhat, host Grant Barth, CEO and Founder of ThenWhat, talked with Anthony Meindl, Founder of Anthony Meindl’s Actors Workshop, which now has the largest scene study studio in Los Angeles and locations in 10 other cities around the world: New York, London, Vancouver, Toronto, Atlanta, Santa Fe, Sydney, Chicago, Copenhagen and […]

The Importance of Strategic Brand Collaborators and Opportunities for Future Generations

On this episode of the ThenWhat 3×5 Podcast, host Grant Barth talked with D’Wayne Edwards, Founder of PENSOLE Academy, a design academy specializing in footwear, functional apparel and accessories, color theory, materials, prototyping, concept making, and much more. The duo talked about strategic brand collaborations and why they’re essential. First, though, they dug into Edwards’ […]

3×5: Moving Global Human Rights Forward

In recent years, the United States has made huge strides in areas like technology, science and politics. But where does the country stand as a leader in human rights? Stuart Milk, the nephew of famed politician Harvey Milk, is uniquely poised to answer this question. As the Co-founder and Executive Chair of the Harvey Milk […]

3×5: What Experiential Retail Will Look Like After the Pandemic

Experiential retail is a phenomenon that had gained rapid ground in recent years – but all of that changed once the pandemic hit. For many event producers and retailers, the physical experience is now in a state of limbo as many try to figure out how to adapt them for a post-pandemic world. Here to […]

Then What: How the Pandemic is Changing Digital Art and Design

To distract ourselves from the challenges of today’s global health crisis, many of us can’t help but think toward the future. What’s next? What can we expect in the months and years ahead, not just in our own lives, but on a global scale? Grant Bart, the host and founder of Then What, aims to […]

3×5: Finding Inspiration in Challenging Times

It’s not every day that you get to pick the brain of the creative leader of a global fashion brand. But today isn’t just any day. Today, podcast host Grant Bart brings to the show Sanda Choi, Creative Director of J. Choo Limited of Jimmy Choo fame. Here, she talked with Bart about the sources […]