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The Valve Chronicles: Pressure Control Guideline Differences in Aircraft Fueling Operations Between the US & Europe

  For this third episode in The Valve Chronicles’ look at the differences in aircraft fueling operations between the United States and Europe, the subject was pressure control and the differences in guidelines between the two geographies. As always, to duke it out, Cla-Val’s Tom Boriack, Global Market Manager for Fueling, and Richard Hooton, Market […]

The Differences in Fueling Operations Between the US and Europe

Cla-Val’s Tom Boriack, Global Market Manager for Fueling, and Richard Hooton, Market Manager of Aviation & Ground Fueling for EMEA with Cla-Val Europe, returned to the Valve Chronicles for this second installment on a series about the differences in aircraft fueling operations between the United States and Europe. One key difference between the two nations […]

Valve Chronicles: Cla-Val University is Back with Online Training Sessions

George Aguilar, Training Manager at Cla-Val, provided some exciting news for industries looking for Cla-Val valve training. CVU (Cla-Val University) is back. The pandemic may have halted in-person training sessions for the time being, but CVU is now running online training sessions through Zoom. “We’re providing online courses for operators and end users on our […]

Setting Yourself Up for Control Valve Success

  Cla-Val features leading experts in automatic control valves and flow control solutions – so they know the steps users should deploy to set themselves up for success. The biggest pitfalls can generally be avoided by something as simple as clear communication, said Jake Corzine, Western Regional Sales Manager for Cla-Val. “When I’m talking to […]

Meeting Valve Sizing and Noise Requirements with Innovative Software Solutions

On this episode of Valve Chronicles, a Cla-Val podcast, Daniel Litwin hosts Roger Lah, Technical Product Specialist for Cla-Val. The duo explored how technical software can help industrial water professionals analyze and meet their valve sizing and noise requirements. Cla-Val’s products are made to refine valve noise and have adaptable sizing software to meet difficult […]

Understanding the 39A Air Valve and How It Prevents Pipe Ruptures and Bursts

We’ve all seen it–the Old Faithful geyser on the corner gushing water into the street, blocking traffic and sending pedestrians running in the other direction. It is a partial pipe rupture, and over 250,000 happen in the U.S. each year. This episode of “Valve Chronicles” uncovers how these bursts happen and how they can be […]

Elevating Valve Service with Thorough Data and Scheduling

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, water management facilities have had to figure out how to keep systems up and running while avoiding putting their technicians and other employees at risk of contracting or spreading the coronavirus. Simply not servicing valves is not an option. A malfunction can lead to a serious headache, said […]

How Link2Valves Can Modernize Your Water System Management

Mark Gimson has seen it all when it comes to valves. Now Director of Marketing and International Sales for Cla-Val, Gimson has worked with control valves for more than 35 years and said, while the basic valve has not changed a whole lot but they have become a lot smarter in what they can do. […]

Why Going Electric with Your Valve Control Can Be a Smart, Economic Choice

It’s comfortable to stick with a known commodity, but that can lead to becoming stuck in the past. That’s becoming the case with many water districts that aren’t exploring their valve control options. Systems engineers are likely familiar with a traditional PLC, but, while the base product may be competitive with an electronic valve control […]