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Welcome to Vertical with Vidir, a podcast exploring the latest in vertical storage solutions.


Vertical with Vidir: How Vidir Fits into Elias Woodwork’s Manufacturing and Management Strategies

If you’ve tuned in to previous episodes of the Vertical with Vidir podcast, you’ve learned about the impacts our company has made in the industrial, retail and manufacturing industries. But perhaps you’re having trouble imagining what kind of impact vertical lift solutions would have in your company. So, today, we’re diving into the experiences of […]

Vertical with Vidir: Technology and Automation Lead Changes in Retail Industry Post-COVID

With the COVID-19 Pandemic, many companies moved online. Vidir and the broader world are seeing a lot of changes in the retail industry. The demand for automation and new technology is forcing retail outlets to change how they do business. Mario Fontes, Director of Sales and Marketing for Vidir Solutions, “a leading manufacturer and […]

Vertical with Vidir: How VLMs Help Companies Meet Increased Fulfillment Demand

As companies begin adjusting their facilities and day-to-day operations for a post-pandemic world, many of them deal with the challenges of ramping up production and fulfillment efficiently and safely.  Many don’t have the luxury of expanding their current facility to meet their needs, explained Robin Chestnut, a member of Vidir’s sales team.  “They need to […]

How Vidir Got to Vertical Storage and Inventory Management

How did a family company making storage solutions out of necessity grow to become a trusted leader in vertical storage and inventory management solutions? For answers, Vertical with Vidir went straight to the source. Ernest Rempel, CEO, and Peter Dueck, Co-Owner of Vidir, spoke about its evolution and growth during the past 35 years. Dueck’s […]

Engineering State-of-the-Art VLMs

A state-of-the-art vertical lift machine requires state-of-the-art engineers. Vidir has both. Meet two key members of the Vidir engineering team – Dimitri Caldeira, Director of Engineering, and Brady Palsson, Electrical Technologist. They stopped by Vertical with Vidir to give their insights on today’s vertical lift machines, the latest trends, and what they’ve engineered for Vidir […]

The Benefits of Vertical Lift Modules

When Vidir Vertical Storage Solutions planned to release a new vertical lift module (VLM) into the marketplace, they knew they wanted someone with VLM experience to help them make their latest solution a success. Enter Tim Harrison. Harrison, a VLM Industry veteran since 2005, knows all of the ins and outs that make VLMs a […]