Stephanie Otey

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Stephanie is a sports reporter, television host and content creator with sales, marketing and consulting experience across a multitude of industries. With a strong work ethic and ability to connect with others, she has a proven track record for growing business opportunities and engaging broad audiences.

Bachelor of Applied Science (BASc), Marketing 2011-2015
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image-29 Social Networking
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recruting Recruiting
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Recent Posts

RV design and utility
Are We There Yet?

Going Off-Road and Off-Grid: Unpacking the Future of RV Design and Utility

Shayva Steinberg - August 8, 2023

In an era increasingly marked by a desire to embrace travel while maintaining personal space, the recreational vehicle (RV) industry has witnessed an impressive boom. A sector once thought of as catering to retirees and vacationing families is expanding rapidly and innovating at an unprecedented pace.

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Several Brains Behind the Future of Automation, AI, and Robotics Explore Manufacturing That Will Transform the Industry

Alexandra Simon - July 26, 2023

The growth of automation, AI (artificial intelligence), and robotics has been a revolutionizing journey for the way the world functions. This surge of automation, AI, and robotics has been transforming traditional manufacturing and industries in unprecedented ways.

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Education & EdTech

Are Career Certificate Programs the New College Degree in the Eyes of Employers?

Stephanie Otey - April 15, 2021

No matter how old we get, we are always learning and growing. Whether you are celebrating your 30th anniversary with your current employer or just getting started in your career, on-going training and professional learning will always be a necessity.

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ID markers
Engineering & Construction

The Marking Minute: The Wide World of ID Markers

Stephanie Otey - April 6, 2021

The world of ID markers is massive. Theres always something identifying an area, asset or location.

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Building Management

Rooftalks: Alternatives to Commercial Roof Replacements

Stephanie Otey - March 31, 2021

Jeff Gerwig, National Engineering Manager at Colliers International, partners with Fortis Warranty to ensure client assets run efficiently to support occupant comfort.Colliers master service agreement with Fortis helps clients save on roofing costs.

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Business Services

The Greater Costs of Not Investing in Workforce Development

Stephanie Otey - March 31, 2021

The way we work is going through a fundamental transformation accelerated by the pandemic. Many had to work remotely or change careers, and it caused millions of jobs to disappear altogether.

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