Steve Palaia

Senior Manager 3D Marketscale

Hello, I'm Steve, a highly experienced TV and Video production professional with over a decade of successful projects under my belt. My expertise lies in team leadership, breaking down complex projects into manageable tasks, and empowering team members to bring their best skills to the project. Over the years, I have worked on various film, TV, live-action, corporate, product, and web video projects. I have a talent for producing captivating videos that tell compelling stories, skillfully utilizing 3D, motion graphics, and special effects. Whether it's a small or large-scale project, I'm the go-to professional who pays attention to detail, selects the perfect music, and creates visually stunning and engaging content. Aside from my digital artistry, I'm also an accomplished artist who enjoys working with metal, wood, and jewelry-making. The ability to integrate my digital skills with my physical art is a particular joy for me. I often use 3D design to conceptualize my projects and incorporate 3D printed parts whenever possible to enhance my creations.

BA in Computer Animation
image-9 Leadership
image-83 3D Animation
image-84 Welding
image-85 Woodwork

Recent Posts

Virtual Reality Hot Air Balloon Experience by JanimationVR

A behind-the-scenes look at outward reactions to the new VR Experience by Janimation Studios. This adventure provides a fully immersive, customizable, haptic experience. Small enough for a trade show and big enough for a theme park.

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VR Hot Air Balloon MWC 2018

Check out Janimation VR at MWC 2018 in the Vive booth with the new HTC Vive Pro WIRELESS!

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"Abby's Flying Fairy School" - Steve Palaia's Compositing Reel 2010

"Abby's Flying Fairy School" (© Sesame Workshop) - Please visit my website for more of my work.

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ACC Trade show at the CSC booth 2019

Janimation VR's VR Hot Air Balloon brought smiles an thrills to the audience at ACC sponsored by CSC.

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