Taylor Herzog

Founder, Shareholder, and Chief Investment Office TYME Advisors

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Graduate, Banking 2014 - 2016
Bachelor's Degree, Finance, General 2005 - 2007
image-2023-10-12T081526.561 Major Finance and Economic News
image-2023-10-12T081633.078 Wealth Advisory
seo-ppc-strategy Investment Strategy
image-2023-10-12T081738.966 International and Domestic Economic Trends

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Recent Posts


0TDE Options Offer Risk Harvesting That Traditional Ones Don’t. It’s Attracting More Traders.

Taylor Herzog - October 10, 2023

The recent surge in zero days to expiration (0DTE) options, or zero-day options, short-dated contracts allowing traders to position around specific market events, has sparked concerns over potential market volatility.Since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, these options have gained immense popularity, with their volume on the S&P 500 index now constituting 43%, up from 6% in 2017.

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community bank lending

Community Bank Lending Sends Signals on the Right Time for Private Debt Investment

Taylor Herzog - October 9, 2023

Those wise investors examining market tea leaves could see trends in private debt investment by following community bank lending patterns.In recent years, financial advisors and clients have turned to private debt, also known as private credit, as a diversification strategy amidst looming economic recessions.

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international investors

With China’s Economy in a Funk, International Investors May Find Better Luck in Japan

Taylor Herzog - September 27, 2023

Getting a gauge on China's economy can feel like finding a needle in a haystack. As geopolitical and economic tensions rise between the U.

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More Small Businesses are Going Bankrupt With High Interest Rates and a Shrinking Bank Loan Supply

Taylor Herzog - September 17, 2023

With fluctuating interest rates and economic uncertainty, the challenges facing the banking sector and, by extension, small to medium-sized businesses, are more complex than many might think. Private debt has several implications which offer a sobering look at how interest rate changes impact not just macroeconomic stability but also loan growth and business financing.

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