Ted Sink

Personal Injury Attorney at Ted Law Dedicated Programs For Accident Victims & Doctors In SC & GA

My power team & I designed an experience to appreciate them and their contribution because they're usually overlooked by other larger firms or practices who may take advantage rather than help out with what's needed most at times like these!

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Ted Law

Set your standards high. People know they shouldn’t settle their case for less. You shouldn’t settle for less than you expect in your lawyer either.

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We back our commitment to defending accident victims with results, putting money in their pockets and helping them reach maximum recovery.

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Introducing our Red Carpet Program

Relationship Manager - we allocate an RM to you and your patients!. Settle & Pay - 92% of cases settle within 9-12 months, and paying what you’re worth faster than any other lawyer you’ve worked with.

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3 Advices

Did you get in a wreck? No worries! Take lots of pictures, call the police, go to a doctor, call Ted Law, and you will be in route to obtaining the compensation you need and deserve

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