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Economist Matador Economics

Tim is an economist and works extensively in the field of applied economics. A graduate of Texas Tech University with a B.S. degree in Agriculture and Applied Economics, Tim has collaborated with several universities across the United States, working primarily in the areas of commodity pricing, market development and policy. His extensive experience of over 35 years as an Applied Economist has provided a substantial background from which he draws. Tim’s company, Matador Economics, Inc, was founded in September of 2005 where his initial focus was on marketing and business development for energy and agriculture. He specifically focused on developing ethanol and biodiesel biorefineries, across the US and abroad. After the financial crisis of 2008 and 2009, Tim shifted the focus of the company to providing a marketing function for the biofuels industry, within the distribution chain for the refined products. He has worked with several terminal operations across the U.S. and abroad. Tim’s in depth experience and research in the commodity markets spans 40 plus years. Today, he publishes a daily and weekly commentary for oil and gas and the refined products and covers energy policy as well. Additionally, Tim has co-hosted a radio program in West Texas and the Permian Basin, for the last 18 years and covers Energy and Agriculture. He also serves as a subject matter expert for several Fox-affiliated radio programs across the US. Tim was formerly licensed securities registered representative, commodities broker and held several other securities licenses, giving him substantial experience in risk management as well.

Animal Sciences 1977 - 1980
Bachelor of Science (BS), Agricultural Economics 1981 - 1983
image-22 Business Consulting
image-23 Nonprofit Consulting
image-24 Political Consulting
image-25 Pricing Strategy
project-management Project Management
image-26 Financial Analysis

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Author: Tim Snyder

Tim Snyder is a degreed economist and works extensively in the applied field of economics. A graduate of Texas Tech University, Tim currently collaborates with Texas Tech’s College of Agriculture Sciences and Natural Resources, in the areas of Marketing and Policy.

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