Tom Meehan

President Controltek

I am a seasoned security and loss prevention professional with over 20 years of experience in leading, developing, and implementing innovative solutions and strategies for various industries and organizations. As the president of CONTROLTEK, I guide the company’s vision, culture, and operations while delivering cutting-edge security products and services for retail, banking, and cash-in-transit sectors. My expertise spans across domains such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, RFID, EAS, cash security, cybersecurity, fintech, digital currencies, dark web investigations, human trafficking, organized retail crime, and open-source intelligence. I am passionate about leveraging data, technology, and collaboration to enhance security, efficiency, and sustainability for my clients and partners. I am also an active contributor to the security and loss prevention community as an author, keynote speaker, podcast host, and advisor.

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Child Cybersecurity is a Growing Concern With the Regular Use of Digital Gaming Platforms

Tom Meehan - August 17, 2023

As the world becomes more and more increasingly digitized, the confluence of video games, social media, and child cybersecurity has become a pressing concern for many parents. While platforms such as Roblox and Fortnite serve as entertaining gateways to virtual escapades, they also come bundled with chat features that can inadvertently open doors to potential threats.

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Mastering RFID: Tailored Solutions for Efficient Asset Tracking Across Industries

Tom Meehan - August 14, 2023

Tom Meehan, President of CONTROLTEK, discusses how CONTROLTEK is mastering RFID, tailoring solutions for efficient asset tracking across diverse industries. From retail and aerospace to manufacturing logistics, CONTROLTEKs expertise ensures optimal inventory visibility and asset management, regardless of the itemplane parts or automotive components.

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