Child Cybersecurity is a Growing Concern With the Regular Use of Digital Gaming Platforms

August 17, 2023
Tom Meehan


As the world becomes more and more increasingly digitized, the confluence of video games, social media, and child cybersecurity has become a pressing concern for many parents. While platforms such as Roblox and Fortnite serve as entertaining gateways to virtual escapades, they also come bundled with chat features that can inadvertently open doors to potential threats. 

Tom Meehan, President at CONTROLTEK, and his astute young cybersecurity expert and daughter, Sam, looked into the nuances of online safety for a special episode of “ControlTek.” They offered invaluable insights on safeguarding our digital-native children from the lurking shadows of the internet. Listen as the father and daughter duo navigate the terrain of child cybersecurity.

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