Vafa Saboori

Associate Professor of Operations Management and Director of MS in Business Analytics Program Dominican University of California

Vafa Saboori holds a PhD in manufacturing and technology management from the University of Toledo and an MBA in strategic management. He has received both the Outstanding Teaching and Research Awards from the Barowsky School of Business at Dominican. Vafa's primary research focuses on healthcare operations, supply chain management, innovation, and technology management. His academic work has been published in notable journals, and he has six years of experience as a lead project engineer in the oil, gas, and petrochemical industry.

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Manufacturing and Technology Management 2009 - 2015
image-2023-10-04T233113.949-1 Supply Chain Analysis
image-2023-10-04T231704.952 Supply Chain Management
image-2023-10-04T233242.689 Healthcare Supply Chain
image-2023-10-04T233344.842 Technology Management

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Recent Posts

supply chain resilience

AI and Analytics are the Key to Supply Chain Resilience in B2B

Vafa Saboori - November 17, 2023

In the ever-evolving realm of B2B commerce, a recent survey by o9 Solutions casts a revealing light on the fragility of supply chains in the face of global disruptions. With over half of consumers experiencing supply chain issues in the past year, leading to significant shifts in purchasing behaviors, B2B companies in the middle of these supply chain stressors are at a crossroads.

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Chipotle’s Expansion Strategy and Market Research Efforts are Sizzling Hot. Other Restaurants Take Note.

Vafa Saboori - July 27, 2023

Chipotle's big foil burritos and piled-high burrito bowls are coming soon to hundreds of small towns across America as part of the company's massive growth and expansion plan. Despite potential supply challenges due to its reliance on fresh ingredients, Chipotle is ready to take on established chains like McDonalds and Applebees.

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A Structured Analysis of Operations and Supply Chain Management Research in Healthcare

Vafa Saboori - April 28, 2013

As the operations management (OM) and supply chain management (SCM) field has evolved, a greater emphasis on services has emerged. The healthcare industry represents an important sector within services, however, little is known about the current state of research into healthcare OM and SCM. The purpose of this research is to conduct a structured analysis of OM and SCM studies conducted in healthcare and inform three key questions: (1) what are the primary topics or themes in the extant healthcare OM and SCM literature, (2) what are the prevalent methodological approaches employed in healthcare OM and SCM, and (3) what does the future of OM and SCM research in healthcare hold?

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An Integrated Framework for the Study of Organizational Innovation

Vafa Saboori - January 1, 2012

Despite the many attempts of researchers to integrate the innovation literature, it continues to be fragmented and its results not cumulative. After a thorough review of the literature, this article proposes an integrative framework that reconciles the theories of innovation by having the types of innovation on one dimension and the degrees of innovation on the other dimension to reduce the confusion in the field and further the development of a workable theory of innovation management. The many factors that influence innovation are then identified and categorized along a four-by-four framework to lead to a comprehensive classification that will reduce the ambiguity and inconsistency in the innovation literature. The implications of this framework for future research on innovation as a profitable product or service are addressed.

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