Wesley Garrett

Executive Director - Global Accounts FANUC America Corporation

Helping Food and Beverage manufacturers automate faster and more efficiently. I can help no matter where you are in your automation journey.

Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering 1999 - 2003
marketing-automation Automation
image Engineering
Product Development
image-24-1 Manufacturing
image-8 Business Development
image-4 Account Management

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Agricultural Manufacturing Efficiency Receives an Upgrade Thanks to Advanced Robotics

Wesley Garrett - March 25, 2024

Agricultural manufacturing efficiency is witnessing a transformative shift thanks to the integration of advanced robotics. Innovations in this field are enhancing productivity and addressing some of the most pressing challenges farmers face today, from labor shortages to the need for sustainable practices.

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Roadmap into the Future of Intelligent Manufacturing: How Can Companies Navigate Automation and the Workforce?

Brandon Pfluger - February 23, 2024

As machine learning algorithms and robotics develop at breakneck speed, the manufacturing sector stands at the cusp of a transformative revolution. With robots advancing far beyond stationary machines, businesses can now navigate the future with the help of intelligent manufacturing.

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