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Wesley Garrett

Executive Director - Global Accounts FANUC America Corporation

Agricultural Manufacturing Efficiency Receives an Upgrade Thanks to Advanced Robotics


Agricultural manufacturing efficiency is witnessing a transformative shift thanks to the integration of advanced robotics. Innovations in this field are enhancing productivity and addressing some of the most pressing challenges farmers face today, from labor shortages to the need for sustainable practices. According to a comprehensive overview on LinkedIn, robots can now execute tasks with unprecedented accuracy, from planting and irrigation to harvesting, revolutionizing traditional farming methodologies.

Wesley Garrett, a Robotics Engineer and Executive, further elucidates this evolution, emphasizing the significant strides made in automation technologies within agriculture. He highlights the advent of Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) and advancements in 3D vision technology as key drivers in making complex assembly and material handling tasks more feasible and efficient. “We have robots that are capable of lifting twenty-three hundred kilos…the speeds continue to get faster, which drives even more efficiency,” Garrett said, underscoring the profound impact these robotic innovations are having on agricultural manufacturing and beyond.

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