Angelo Diaz

Executive Creative Director The Copacabana Times Square

Riding the wave of his 4th successful season on TVOne's #1 hit show ATL HOMICIDE, the release of his debut single "Bottles In Boca", his role as Global Ambassador of Bovtiqve Fashion Week, and not to mention his orchestrating of the return of the legendary Copacabana, Angelo Diaz is poised to break out as Hollywood's next million-dollar leading man.

Born in Miami of a Cuban Mother and Ethiopian Father and fluent in Spanish, Angelo is in position to break some stereotypical casting molds.

Angelo spent his early and most impressionable years growing up in diverse neighborhoods of Miami like Little Haiti, Miami Beach & Little Havana. Young Angelo learned quickly the benefits of employing his wide social sense and aesthetic appeal, and the power they gave him. He used these skills along with other abilities during the progressing phases of his life; his athleticism as a college football player and his leadership skills as a U.S. Navy combat medic.

May 2007 - May 2010
image-73 Storytelling
image-25 Content Creation
product-marketing Product Marketing
digital-marketing-1 Digital Marketing
talent-manage Talent Management
image-58 Business Strategy

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