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Bodo Folger is a versatile producer and filmmaker with a wide-ranging portfolio encompassing advertising, product and image films, drone cinematography, documentaries, reports, TV films, and artistic endeavors like music videos. In addition to his filmmaking prowess, he is also known for his creative acumen in crafting digital advertising campaigns. His extensive body of work includes notable productions such as the 2016 image film "Paolo Lorenzoni - Discovering the soul of Venice" for Leica Sport Optik, the 2016 product film "Integrated Smart Conveyor" for Satisloh, and the 2016 advertising film "Mach den Meister!" for the Wiesbaden Chamber of Crafts. Bodo's documentary work is equally commendable, with the 2012 piece titled "TacumbĂș - Hope in Paraguay's toughest jail," produced for Deutsche Welle, standing as a testament to his storytelling prowess. This 26-minute documentary can be accessed at In the realm of artistic filmmaking, Bodo Folger has also made his mark as a producer, cinematographer, and director. One of his notable achievements in this domain is the 2010 music video for Sarah Lorenz's "You Live."

Magister Artium, film and television studies
camera operator
image-65 Copywriting

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