Darren Campo

Adjunct Professor of Media & Technology New York University

Darren Campo is an Adjunct Professor of Media & Technology at NYU's Stern School of Business. He's a seasoned producer, media executive, and bestselling novelist. Campo has held significant roles in programming, development, and production for networks such as Food Network, Cooking Channel, TruTV, and Court TV. Darren played a pivotal role in the creation of and programming development for TruTV of TimeWarner, and has been involved in the production and development of hundreds of shows. He is also the author of novels like "Alex Detail’s Revolution" and "Disappearing Spell."

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AI use in Hollywood

Does AI Use in Hollywood Still Have a Seat at the Table? Audience Satisfaction May Determine the Final Vote.

Darren Campo - November 16, 2023

Actors and writers may have struck a blow against AI use in Hollywood, but it may be too soon to count the technology innovation out.The entertainment industry is witnessing a turning point as the Writers Guild of America (WGA) and SAG-AFTRA navigate the complexities of artificial intelligence in content creation.

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Do Live Sports Events Have a Home at Netflix? Experts See a Potential Future, But Not Anytime Soon.

Darren Campo - June 19, 2023

Netflix is reportedly taking its first steps into broadcasting live sports events. The streaming giant is in discussions to host a celebrity golf tournament.

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AI Failed At Writing Sci-Fi. Here’s Why Publishers May Just Want Them to Succeed

Darren Campo - March 9, 2023

Recently, science fiction magazine Clarkesworld was forced to close submissions for authors after being flooded with stories written by AI tools. While it was clear that the AI failed at writing sci-fi, this failure pointed towards larger problem: AI-assisted plagiarism.

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CW and LIV Golf Tee Up a New Partnership

Darren Campo - January 24, 2023

A surprising announcement in the world of golf hit the green early this year with a CW and LIV Golf partnership. While it's not ideal for all parties involved, it's definitely a win for the expanding ecosystem of golf's media reach.

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NBC News NOW Takes a Positive Approach to News

Darren Campo - December 29, 2022

NBC News NOW is the newest addition to the news cycle. Have Americans grown tired of the negative & angry, 24/7 news cycle?

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media industry layoffs Washington Post CNN AP

What Media Industry Layoffs Tell Us About Advertising, Streaming, & Media Culture

Joanna Massey - December 15, 2022

2022 has been a tough year for companies as inflation and high interest rates have made debt spending more expensive and critical supplies more of a burden on profit margins. Unfortunately, thinner margins have been passed off onto employees with mass high-profile layoffs sweeping nearly every industry throughout the year, especially in tech-related sectors.

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