Dr. Michael Sprintz

Expert on Chronic Pain and Addiction; Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur CEO of Cellarian, Inc. and Sprintz Center for Pain and Recovery

Nationally-recognized subject matter expert at the intersection of chronic pain and addiction, as well as digital health technologies relating to the identification, prediction and prevention of substance use disorders. Skilled public speaker, educator, entrepreneur, and consultant to industry and government entities. With long-term personal and professional experience, I am passionately committed to helping people suffering from substance abuse, addiction and chronic pain.

Triple-board certified in Pain Medicine, Addiction Medicine, and Anesthesiology I founded the Sprintz Center for Pain and Recovery, a comprehensive clinical practice that is pioneering the integration of compassionate, effective pain management with leading edge, evidence-based substance abuse treatment.

Understanding that healthcare must leverage technology on top of hands-on patient care, I started Cellarian, which is improving substance abuse related health and economic outcomes through diverse subject matter and technological expertise. Cellarian’s VISION suite of predictive Clinical Decision Support tools help providers, hospitals, payers and labs rapidly and easily identify abuse or diversion of controlled drugs, decrease risk, and document compliance for better patient care, faster workflow and improved outcomes to support the transition to value-based care delivery.

Bachelor of Science - BS, Medical Microbiology and Immunology 1989 - 1993
D.O., Medicine 1993 - 1997
Subspecialty Fellowship Training, Pain Management 2011 - 2012
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image-50 Medicine
image-53 Clinical Research
image-51 Internal Medicine
image-52 Surgery

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