Gabrielle Bejarano

Media Producer

I'm a podcast host, actress, voiceover artist, & B2B media producer. I hail from one of the US’s top-ranked creative and performing arts conservatory and have built over a decade of expertise in the fine arts, which has contributed to my friendly and adaptable hosting style! I'd like to think when I'm on camera or behind the mic with a guest, I put people at ease and inspire the best insights out of them for the best engagement and content possible.

B.A. in Dance, and Integrated Media & Strategic Communications
Content Creation
Feature Writing
Podcast Hosting

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Zero Trust Progress: The Best Defense Is a Good Offense

September 30, 2022 Articles

 Business, As Usual, Is No Longer an Acceptable Cyber Defense The way the adage goes is that the best defense is a good offense and in wake of the latest cybersecurity data breaches of Last Pass and Apple, the offense in question is facing deeper scrutiny. According to a NextGov report, most government agencies are ahead of corporations in adopting and implementing zero trust architecture with 72% of government organizations reported to already be implementing the framework in comparison to just 56% of companies.

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Deconstruction: The Importance of Design in Pre-Construction

July 11, 2022 Deconstruction

Design plays a critical role in the pre-construction phase of a project. At VCC, their In-House Design and Construction Integration team gets involved in all projects from start to finish.

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How Spartan Radar is Improving Driver Assistance Systems

August 3, 2022 Podcasts

“I hope you aren’t watching this while driving,” said Robert Brown, Chief Strategy Officer at Spartan Radar. Spartan Radar is a California-based company started by brilliant minds who built radar systems and planes in the Air Force.

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The Most Important Challenges Faced by the Hotel Industry

August 11, 2022 Hospitality

One of the most affected industries drastically changed by the COVID-19 pandemic is the hospitality industry. While the lifting of restrictions has helped the industry bounce back in some ways, there are still some issues to overcome.

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Making Sure OO Voices Are Heard Regarding AB5

October 14, 2022 Podcasts

  The AB5 law in California isn’t exactly brand new, but it is still creating quite the buzz. Host Gabrielle Bejarano invited the Director of Legislative Affairs for OOIDA, Bryce Mongeon onto the show to discuss AB5 and how it’s playing out for the trucker community.

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