Gerry Mecca

Global Chief Information Officer Tropicana Brands Group

Cutting-edge Senior Leader whose technology solutions and business acumen have enabled startups as well as established global companies to grow and thrive in highly competitive markets like IngramMicro, Applied Creative Technology, ConocoPhillips, Dr Pepper, Cadbury, Keurig, Datascan, and Tropicana. Works across organizations to develop, communicate and sell an innovative technology vision that drives companies forward.

MBA, Business Administration
Executive Education
BA, Communications 1978-1982
image-4 Management
information-archi Information Architecture
business-analysis Business Analysis
image-9 Leadership
image-8-1 Third-Party Vendor Management

Recent Posts


New Startups Must Invest in Cloud-Based Data for Long-Term Company Success and Cost Efficiency

Gerry Mecca - September 7, 2023

With the rise in rapid digital transformation, startups around the world are increasingly beginning their journeys as cloud-native entities. But what exactly is the benefit?

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Industrial IoT

Has COVID-19 Killed Email?: The Mecca Minute

Gerry Mecca - May 1, 2020

You know this COVID-19 scourge has quite obviously changed us forever. To still get things done everyone using Zoom and Teams to continue their work, school, church, scout meetings, family meetingsI call it Life Continuity.

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Home plate on a baseball field
Sports & Entertainment

UPDATE: Reverchon Ballpark in Dallas Gets Another Second Chance

Gerry Mecca - January 6, 2020

Reverchon Park in Dallas has been a local sports staple for 100 years, and the famous ballpark has certainly seen its share of high and low points over the years. The park has been a staple in the community since its inception.

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Industrial IoT

Explaining Robotic Process Automation

Gerry Mecca - December 12, 2019

With this edition of the Mecca Minute Id like to talk a little robotic process automation or RPA. RPA is hyperautomation that takes automating processes to the next level.

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Digital Data Transformation
Industrial IoT

Understanding Digital Disruption and Transformation: The Mecca Minute

Gerry Mecca - November 20, 2019

Understanding Digital TransformationDigital transformation is yet another oversimplified set of buzzwords with a very complicated meaning. Digital transformation is most often associated with the conversion of a largely manual processes into a highly efficient and inherently more organized process using data.

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