Greg Bryk

Actor, Writer, Coach and Keynote Speaker

Greg Bryk is former Queen's University student and Vanier Cup winning Golden Gael football player. He is a classically trained and award winning actor who has appeared in over 65 films and television shows. He has moved between creating memorable characters in feature films like Men With Brooms, History Of Violence, Poor Boys Game, Shoot Em Up and Immortals, as well as starring in television series like Bitten, Wynonna Earp, Book Of Negroes, Fargo, Regenesis, Rookie Blue, XIII and Saving Hope. He can currently be seen in the epic Netflix/Discovery series Frontier and the upcoming Mary Kills People on Lifetime and Global. Greg lives in Toronto with his wife, HGTV's Danielle Nicholas Bryk, and their three children.

BA, English Language and Literature/Letters 1990-1994
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acting Acting
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Recent Posts

standing out from the competition
Sports & Entertainment

Standing Out From the Competition

Greg Bryk - November 30, 2023

In a crowded marketplace, authenticity could be the strongest differentiator in standing out from the competition. Actor and Keynote Speaker Greg Bryk shares his insights on making a mark, on-screen and in the B2B arena.

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Sports & Entertainment

Authenticity: Connecting Through Genuine Belief

Greg Bryk - November 16, 2023

In the intersection of art and commerce, authenticity is the bridge that connects deeply with audiences and customers alike. Actor and Keynote Speaker Greg Bryk, known for his compelling performances, elucidates this concept in his recent video.

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environmental inspirations
Sports & Entertainment

Environmental Inspirations: Generating Creativity from Everyday Surroundings

Greg Bryk - November 2, 2023

The landscape of brand-to-brand storytelling is evolving, and the art of sourcing environmental inspirations from our surroundings stands at its forefront.Greg Bryk, a distinguished Actor and Keynote Speaker, sheds light on this interplay between our surroundings and creativity.

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reacting to your customer
Sports & Entertainment

Reacting to Your Customer: The Art of Listening and Adapting

Greg Bryk - October 26, 2023

In today's fast-paced digital age, the ability to adapt and respond to feedback is paramount for content creators and businesses alike. Drawing parallels from the acting world, Greg Bryk emphasizes the importance of effective communication in reacting to your customer.

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Sports & Entertainment

Storytellers Who Focus on Their Message Find An Audience Willing to Hear it

Greg Bryk - October 13, 2023

How can storytellers, from actors to brand narrators, navigate the inevitable challenges of rejection and disappointment?Actor and Speaker Greg Bryk emphasizes the importance of concentrating on the essence of one's message rather than the immediate reaction it receives.

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Sports & Entertainment

Unveiling the ‘Why’: Greg Bryk on Fostering Genuine Connections in Acting and Branding

Greg Bryk - October 4, 2023

Actor and Keynote Speaker Greg Bryk emphasizes the vital role of a compelling 'why' in acting and branding. He suggests that actors and brands must connect emotionally to their 'why' to forge a genuine connection with their audience.

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