Greg Crumpton

Vice President Service Logic

My personal & professional goals are to serve the people that I am working with and/or for. I carry this mantra in my professional life and my home life. Having 40+ years as a full-service mechanical and mission critical environments contractor with a heavy emphasis on service, maintenance and repair. I specialize in mission critical cooling (Heat Rejection) and electrical infrastructures, as well as the comfort cooling surrounding them. As a continual entrepreneur, several markets strike me as interesting. As varied as you could imagine, they range from Coffee with my bud's at, all the way to serving as an adviser for several start-ups in the emerging technology world via & and others. Giving back to my community is of equal importance to me, and Animal Welfare are just a couple ways of doing just that.

Georgia Conditioned Air Contractors Licensing Board.
North Caroline Mechanical Licensing Board.
South Caroline Mechanical Licensing Board
Podcast Hosting
Business and People Connecting

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Ensuring a Quality Business Environment

November 21, 2022

Tyler Kern and George Crumpton interview the owner of Howell Heating and Cooling, Korey Howell, about creating a successful business

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Providing Safety and Comfort to Construction Workers

November 16, 2022

Peter Zeppetella, Founder of Zepp’s Gear, discusses his line of safety harness jackets for construction workers.

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Solving the Shortage of Skilled Trade Workers with Greg Crumpton of Service Logic

December 11, 2018 Building Management

Greg Crumpton was born in 1964, the last year classified as the “Baby Boomer” generation. Not only was he born into this generation, but his vertical is defined by it; working in the skilled trade industry, Crumpton is seeing a massive wave of retirement from the Baby Boomers.

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