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My personal & professional goals are to serve the people that I am working with and/or for. I carry this mantra in my professional life and my home life. Having 40+ years as a full-service mechanical and mission critical environments contractor with a heavy emphasis on service, maintenance and repair. I specialize in mission critical cooling (Heat Rejection) and electrical infrastructures, as well as the comfort cooling surrounding them. As a continual entrepreneur, several markets strike me as interesting. As varied as you could imagine, they range from Coffee with my bud's at, all the way to serving as an adviser for several start-ups in the emerging technology world via & and others. Giving back to my community is of equal importance to me, and Animal Welfare are just a couple ways of doing just that.

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How to Create a Proper Work-Life Balance While Maintaining Strong Work Relationships

Greg Crumpton - June 1, 2023

In a world where the average American spends over one-third of their life at work, its essential to maintain a high quality in workplace relationships. Todays fast-paced environment necessitates strong, resilient connections that can withstand the pressures of rapidly evolving technology, constant deadlines, and high-stake projects.

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Military Veterans Use Their Experiences from the Field to be Leaders as Civilians

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Straight Outta Crumpton: The Changing Landscape of Skill Trades

Greg Crumpton - May 3, 2023

The job market is an interesting and everchanging landscape, one where the value of professions fluctuates regularly. In the area of skill trades, older generations are now seeing younger generations finding a strong interest in this vast and vital field.

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Inspiring the Young Generations to Enter the Skilled Trades Industry

Greg Crumpton - April 26, 2023

HVAC technicians, plumbers, electricians, welders, and construction managers are only a fraction of the incredibly vital trade careers and skills needed in any advanced society. As of 2022, however, there has been a skilled trade labor shortage.

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UK HVAC Industry
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The UK HVAC Industry and the Different Equipment Involved

Greg Crumpton - April 19, 2023

The UK and the US are two very different placesin culture, in accent, and in climate. In total, the UK is roughly one-third the size of the state of Texasso by American standards, its pretty small.

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skill trades
Building Management

Straight Outta Crumpton: How Toolfetch Helps Skill Trades

Greg Crumpton - April 12, 2023

Not everyone recognizes the great things workers in the trade industry bring to our everyday lives. Skill trades and those who work as tradespeople help our infrastructure and make the buildings and roads we use every day.

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