Hayley Knight

Video Editor

I'm focused on bringing energy to the video promotions of major companies. Through intentional color grading and a distinct editing style, I help my clients stand out with their videos!

Bachelor of Arts - BA, Media Arts 2016 - 2019
Video Editing
Color Grading

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Recent Posts

Food & Beverage

How Spec’s Elevated Its Mobile Ordering Experience

MarketScale - June 15, 2021

How much do conducting an orchestra and running a chain of wine and spirits retailers have in common?As it turns out, quite a lot just ask John Rydman, CEO or Specs Liquor.

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OpenBlue Pioneer: BEEAH

Imagine experiencing one of the most AI advanced buildings in the world, while you work? An office building that, until now, you’d only see the likes of in a sci-fi movie? You don’t have to imagine. This is reality for BEEAH employees who experience unparalleled interactions with their workspace at the newly opened BEEAH headquarters. This is the workspace of the future.

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Coos Bay Community Story

Coos Bay is a vital part of the Oregon coast for approximately the last 150 years, timber and fishing are the two primary economic drivers in this day and age in current times. But the fishing fleet out of Charleston specifically is really the main driver and supports multiple families across our community. We have been running a fishing community here in Charleston for quite a long time.

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