Nikita Cheniuntai is the founder and CEO of Apis Cor—a 3D printing company revolutionizing the construction industry. Apis Cor is the first company to develop a mobile 3D construction printer capable of printing entire buildings– all on site.

The ability to not just print entire walls, foundation slabs, and other large building parts but doing it all without massive amounts of waste or human error has truly challenged the status quo of traditional building methodology.

Apis Cor uses a simple system regarding the printing process according to Cheniuntai.

“Firstly, Apis Cor and other companies print using a mixture of cement and sand, so a printed house is not any different from a concrete house. The printer is just a way of laying down the material. The only difference is that the printer is a robot, an automated system which eliminates the human factor,” he said.

Eliminating the human element in this case means eliminating months of cumbersome labor and waste that can have lasting effects on increasing worker safety as well as preserving the surrounding environment.

Constant innovation has meant business is booming for Apis Cor. Along with engaging negotiations from several different partners to print a demo house in the U.S. this year, Cheniuntai and Apis Cor are also making waves internationally. 

“Apis Cor signed a contract with the biggest state-owned construction and Investment Company in Indonesia,” he said. “This summer we are supposed to start with the first pilot 3D printing project in the region.”

The recent success of the company and the shifting paradigm throughout industries towards Artificial Intelligence and 3D printing cannot be overlooked.

“I think everyone knows that the building brick and block industry is a very large multi-billion market. So if you have shares in factories that make bricks and blocks, you can already start thinking about selling them. I think it’s going to be a surprise for many,” he said.