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When you think about the world of marking products and engineered films, you may think it’s a one-size-fits-all approach. Our guest today couldn’t disagree more. Most applications require specific formulations to meet the needs of that specific project, and many different factors impact formulation, both internal and external.

Stephen Janak, chemical engineer at Presco, said that for the most part, it’s a customer driven process.

“There are many things we take into consideration when formulating a product. The weatherability of the product is a big drive, as well as color and matching it to the exact Pantone for the customer,” Janak said.

With color, there is actually an aesthetic side to engineered film. It’s not just how the film will hold up and perform, but it’s also how it looks. And almost every job is unique. “We currently have over 20,000 formulations. We’re always improving those based on customer feedback and other factors,” Janak said.

Along with customer requirements, external challenges are also critical in formulations, like Proposition 65. Though more regulations can feel limiting, Janak said this isn’t a negative; rather, it’s an opportunity.

“We can meet regulations like Prop 65. We don’t really think about it as hindering the process. It’s just part of the industry,” he said.

Even every project being distinct, there are still commonalities among them. Presco takes advantage of this by keeping a detailed library of previous orders, which has helped them develop a game plan for future ones.

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