Faces of Design: Design Conversations with Bob Borson


Our faces of design are more than just faces. They’re voices too. Bob Borson, Principal at Malone Maxwell Borson Architects, used his voice to unveil the behind-the-scenes world of AEC to anyone who was interested; turns out that was hundreds of thousands of people a month.

Borson’s blog, Life of an Architect, became one of the most trafficked architecture websites in the world, all because of his engaging, down-to-earth, and authentic content. Borson didn’t aim to impress, he aimed to inform and entertain.

Our Faces of Design feature on Bob Borson explores his influence on the industry and the history behind his successful blog; with our podcast, we wanted to dig even deeper into Bob Borson the man, not the architect. Rejoined by MarketScale AEC Contributor Bryce Stuckenschneider, we get ask the tougher questions: What is the hardest part of growing your business? What’s something you wished you had been told earlier in your career? If you could change anything about the industry, what would it be and why?

Exploring the method behind his blog-madness and analyzing his unique take on modern design, our podcast with Borson is the perfect curtain-reveal of a man who’s passion for architecture extends beyond his work and into the connections he makes along the way.

You’ve met Bob Borson, now check out the rest of the Faces of Design contributors.

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