Facebook experienced an historic month in March 2015, when it opened MPK 20 on the Menlo Park Campus. According to a report by BuildZoom.com, the permit for that expansion carried a cost of $177 million dollars.

That amount now seems small in comparison with two recently-filed permits, valued at $303M and $300M, respectively. These set a new record for the most expensive permits filed during this expansion of the company’s Menlo Park footprint. However, those records might not stand for long.

Recent filings unveil plans that will include the construction of additional office buildings, an 8-story parking garage, and an elaborate sky-bridge that will grant access to the adjacent marshland trails. They also include an additional lease of several buildings within the Menlo Gateway Development on the northwestern side of the campus.

While these projects will most likely include the vision of architect Frank Gehry, there is no confirmation, as of yet, if he will have a hand in the design of the proposed 200-unit hotel.