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For decades, utilities have implemented power uprates as a way to generate more electricity from their generating plants.  However, since each power system and its associated performance requirements are unique, the power uprate project must be customized to the specific needs of the facility. There is no “one size fits all” approach.

A careful inspection and evaluation of the existing system along with detailed requirements for the improved system help to build an outline for a bus system upgrade.  A detailed upgrade design and professional installation are essential to ensuring that a bus system upgrade can deliver the desired performance improvement results.

AZZ’s Power Uprate Engineering Studies deliver a comprehensive evaluation with detailed upgrade recommendations and cost analysis for a complete bus system upgrade report.

Power Uprate Engineering Studies

Before committing to an uprate program, a professional evaluation of the facility’s current bus system should be performed.  A comprehensive AZZ Power Uprate Engineering Study can uncover the best possible approach to designing a facility’s uprate strategy, including the introduction of a forced air-cooling package, IPB replacement or a solution that combines these two elements.

The final Power Uprate Engineering Study report delivers an all-encompassing evaluation of the existing system and bus system upgrade plan, including these key elements:

  • Field Evaluation and Measurements
  • System Calculations
  • CFD Model Analysis
  • Cost Analysis
  • Upgrade Recommendations

Determining an Uprate Solution

An initial inspection and evaluation of the Isolated Phase Bus system records key measurements such as generator amperage, temperatures, hot spot locations, air flows, and static pressure readings.  This information is crucial to identifying areas of concern and developing the necessary upgrade plan.

AZZ also delivers a full cost analysis of the bus system uprate plan, providing various cost options along with proposed energy increases, allowing stakeholders to select the upgrade that best suits their facility. This critical cost information makes the business decisions of repairing and replacing equipment transparent and easy to comprehend.  Further, multiple uprate options, including FAC upgrades, IPB replacement, and combined solutions are generated to help determine the ideal solution.

When it comes to upgrading bus systems, there is no universal solution available.  As a leader in the power generation industry, AZZ knows what it takes to design and implement custom bus system optimization solutions.  With unrivaled expertise in high voltage bus systems, fully integrated electrical enclosures, safety-related nuclear equipment, boiler construction, and much more, AZZ delivers reliable solutions regardless of the fuel source.

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