Across the country, universities, colleges, and other institutions of higher learning are growing at a fantastic rate. In order to serve a larger student body, new facilities are being renovated and constructed on campuses at a rapid pace. To keep these projects on time and on budget, managers need to take proactive steps such as using advanced climate and construction drying solutions from Polygon.

New Facilities are Needed to Meet the Needs of a New Time

Many academic buildings, recreational facilities, and residences on college campuses today were built for an earlier era. In order to attract and retain the best students, faculty, and researchers, schools are investing in new buildings. The renovations are to create spaces that can support broadband connectivity, offer high-tech tools such as touch screens, studios, and workshops that support today’s entrepreneurs, researchers, and business leaders. These new buildings also provide dedicated workspaces as well as casual meeting niches to encourage collaboration and the free exchange of ideas. Finally, these new facilities are built using sustainable materials to be energy efficient and green.

The Numbers Prove the College Construction Boom is Real

According to an October 2018 MarketScale custom market research survey of verified college administrators in the U.S., there is no end in sight to new construction on college campuses. In the next 12-24 months, 57% of college administrators say they will be renovating or constructing new educational facilities, and 34% say they will be renovating or constructing new residential buildings. In addition, 23% of respondents say they will be renovating or constructing new student unions and 16% say they will be renovating or constructing new sports facilities. All those numbers add up to one simple fact: the construction boom on college campuses will not be ending any time soon.

Polygon Can Help Construction Projects Run More Smoothly

When campus construction projects are delayed due to weather or unforeseen incidents, it can have a negative impact on staff, faculty, and tuition-paying students. As school projects stretch out over months or even years, everyone must adapt their schedules and daily routines because of construction disruptions. Parking is a premium issue because of construction traffic and torn-up parking lots. Telephone service, power, walkways, and lavatories may be unavailable for extended periods of time and, in some cases, facilities such as the cafeteria, gymnasium, pool, auditorium, and athletic fields may be off limits. Finally, the chronic inconvenience of switching room assignments, constant or irritating noise, loss of space, and even foul odors can impact day-to-day activities and even school culture.

Polygon’s temporary climate solutions and construction drying services can help keep these projects on time and on budget. Our construction drying solutions utilize temporary dehumidification equipment specifically for the construction environment that is rugged, compact, easily transported, energy efficient, and quick to set up. Temporary heating reduces job-related risk and liability by effectively keeping temperature-related problems in check. In addition, Polygon engineers controlled systems that maintain a consistent environment to preserve materials such as hardwoods and millwork to avoid tear-out, reconstruction, and long delays. Polygon also engineers temporary systems that achieve dry times for drywall mud, paint, and other finishes of between 12 and 15 hours–maintaining or accelerating the job’s schedule via overnight dry-times.

To find out more, visit https://www.polygongroup.com/en-US/services/temporary-climate-solutions/construction-drying-solutions/.

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