Paul Manley



In this episode of The Marking Minute by Presco, host Sean Heath sat down with Paul Manley, vice president of engineering for Presco Polymers to discuss how the manufacturing and engineering process has grown over time.

While glue distribution hasn’t changed much during his time at Presco, storage systems have substantially improved. Today, glue is stored in 300-gallon stainless steel totes within a modern distribution system that includes touchscreen controls and state-of-the-art tech.

“When I first came to Presco, back then it was actually two Miller Lite beer kegs that were stacked on one another with a stainless steel braided hose that connected them,” Manley says. “At the time, it was the solution that met the need, and it worked. But when we had the ability to upgrade and make a system that was more reliable, we did that.”

Primitive storage was a problem from Presco’s past, but today the company’s challenges revolve around solving symptoms versus problems, Manley says.

“You can choose to solve the immediate problem that may be relatively easy to solve, or you can look deeper to find the root cause. Maybe there’s a systemic issue that caused that one symptom to take place. Instead of curing just the symptom, you try to solve the larger problem. To maximize our time and resources, we think about what makes the most sense. That’s always a careful thought.”

Careful thought and attention to detail are among the qualities Presco seeks in its team members, Manley says. He discusses those traits and how to inquire about joining the team.

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