As drone usage increases across all industries, construction companies are among those who are gaining the greatest benefits.

A new Android app, developed by low-cost drone provider 3DR, is adding even more value and flexibility to that proposition.

The app, called 3DR GCP, leverages the Catalyst hardware from Trimble (including a plug-and-play digital antenna that provides high-quality satellite data) to create reliable ground control points with consistent and manageable precision.

Software company Esri adds to the industry with its Drone2Map software that can convert gathered data to a detailed map to be shared to the team via a cloud service.

In an alternate strategy, Identified Technologies, Skycatch and Verity Positioning are all deploying solutions that create high accuracy site maps without the need to lay GCPs, at all.

For an industry that depends on a clear vision to succeed, these technologies are providing a whole new viewpoint.