Applied Digital Joins AI Alliance to Collaborate with Industry Leaders to Advance Open, Safe, and Responsible AI

February 14, 2024

Applied Digital Corporation (Nasdaq: APLD) (“Applied Digital” or the “Company”), a designer, builder, and operator of next-generation digital infrastructure designed for High-Performance Computing (“HPC”) applications, announces its an AI Alliance member.

The AI Alliance is comprised of some of the leading organizations across the AI industry, including startups, academia, researchers, and the government, coming together to support open innovation and open science in responsible AI. The AI Alliance is focused on fostering an open community and enabling developers and researchers to accelerate responsible innovation in AI while ensuring scientific rigor, trust, safety, security, diversity, and economic competitiveness.

Wes Cummins, CEO of Applied Digital, emphasized the importance of open innovation in the AI sector, stating, “Open innovation’s mission to foster collaboration among diverse entities that propel responsible and equitable progress in artificial intelligence aligns seamlessly with Applied Digital. Applied Digital has built a reputation for state-of-the-art low-cost digital infrastructure, strategically placing data centers at the power generation source for high-performance computing applications. Through collaborative efforts with industry leaders, academia, and government, we aim to champion the advancement of AI technologies that are not only powerful but ethical and sustainable.”

The AI Alliance, which was co-founded by IBM and Meta and first announced in December 2023, represents a collaborative endeavor aimed at accelerating the development and adoption of artificial intelligence. Leveraging its expertise in speed to market and digital infrastructure, Applied Digital believes it is uniquely positioned to support the creation of innovative AI tools that drive positive societal impact.

To learn more about the AI Alliance, visit here:

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