AI First: Revolutionizing High-Performance Computing Design at the Ellendale Data Center

January 25, 2024


In the rapidly evolving high-performance computing (HPC) landscape, a groundbreaking development emerges from Ellendale, North Dakota. This innovation seeks to redefine the benchmarks of computational power and design.

In the AI-First Business Podcast, host Tina Yazdi explores the future of HPC design with Wes Cummings, CEO and Chairman of Applied Digital. The discussion centers on the revolutionary AI Brain data center, a project that heralds a new era in supercomputing.

Applied Digital has embarked on an ambitious project: constructing a 100MW data center in Ellendale, North Dakota, known as the “AI Brain Data Center.” The design of this architectural and technological feat integrates an unprecedented number of GPUs into a single compute cluster. According to Wes Cummings, this design could facilitate around seventy thousand H100 class GPUs operating together, potentially creating the world’s largest supercomputer. While it may be unlikely for one customer to harness the full capacity, the center’s design offers remarkable flexibility to meet various high-demand computing needs, from aerospace simulations to complex urban engineering computations. As Applied Digital forges ahead, the AI Brain Data Center should be a hallmark of technological prowess in the heart of North Dakota, reshaping the future of high-performance computing.

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