Peoples’ interests and tastes fluctuate in all areas of life but one that is constantly in motion is architecture and design. Builders and architects must constantly gauge the pulse of the market. To do this, they use new techniques and tools, and a few have come to the forefront in 2019.

Green Urban Planning

Architects seek to best use the space available to them, and this trend has been accelerated with the continued integration of sustainable practices. Green roofing, recycled materials and more have led to new designs that also curb negative impacts of development.

Robotic Design

Smart technology has been embedded into modern homes for years now. While still an accessory, architects can now design spaces with these gadgets in mind, like voice-activated lighting and sound.

3D Printing

Three-dimensional software has made physical blueprints seem antiquated and lacking detail. Now, 3D printing has taken designs from computer screen to full homes. The ability to rapidly build a structure with minimal labor and costs could transform housing all over the world.

Flexible Living Spaces

The modern workforce has never been nimbler. Working remotely is a possibility for professionals in more fields than ever before, and designers have taken note of this trend. Creating an office environment in a bedroom or living room provides more value per-square-foot.

Drone Scan Technology

Measuring twice and cutting once is more than a cliché to construction professionals. Accuracy is the bedrock to a successful project and drones are enabling a new level of detail. Three-dimensional surveying and LiDAR technology continue to more efficiently assess properties and builds.

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