System Integration Field and CSIA’s Role

October 1, 2022

Jose Rivera, CEO of Control System Integrators Association (CSIA), joined host Daniel Litwin to explain CSIA’s role in the systems integration field in the latest Beyond the Concept podcast episode. In 2015, Rivera, an electrical engineer, transitioned from serving large automation equipment suppliers to becoming the CEO of CSIA, a 500-member organization.

Rivera explained that systems engineers create solutions for suppliers and equipment. He stated, “You need systems integration to be able to reach every opportunity that is out there.”

Systems integration remained essential during the pandemic, even as change abounded with the transition to increasingly digitized manufacturing. Businesses supplying only within the manufacturing floor had to adapt. According to Rivera, with digitization, manufacturers have been “asked to upscale using more tools with more data to make better decisions.”

As the solutions and business models of systems integration continue to change, the value of CSIA has remained steadfast. CSIA offers a continually revised best practices manual that covers the basics of running a systems integration company. These management principles apply to all businesses, whether remote or in person. CSIA members can even obtain third-party certification to indicate that they are correctly deploying these best practices. Rivera explained that manufacturers gain less risk in project management when using certified systems integrators. The certification provides confidence that they can efficiently deliver projects on time when facing barriers.

Perhaps the most important aspect of CSIA is the collaboration and shared experiences. “Our industry is going through very important transformations. We are trying to figure it out. We aren’t pretending to have all the answers. Between us, this is how we figure things out,” Rivera stated. He continued, “If you are a member of CSIA, you are constantly benefitting from that.”

To learn more, visit CSIA’s website at to access podcasts and information on who they are and how to join.

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