We’ve come a long way from pencil and paper when it comes to design mockups and the virtual representation of the design process. Design software like 2020 Design has revolutionized the architecture and design industry, making what once was a picture in someone’s mind into a fully-fleshed out concept and rendering. Today on Element Sessions, the Element Designs podcast, host Shelby Skrhak sat down with Vanessa DeKoekkoek, Global Training Manager at 2020, to discuss how DesignTech is accessible for everyone.

When DeKoekkoek first got into the design industry, it was at an unlikely place: the kitchen design center for a big-box retailer. That was her first experience using an early incarnation of 2020 Design software 20 years ago.

“The very first kitchen space I designed and sold, I didn’t really even know how to use the software to its fullest, so I was looking at everything in a plan view,” DeKoekkoek said. “Any designer that’s listening will appreciate this, I didn’t know how to pull up an elevation so I wasn’t able to see it in a front view. Luckily the next week I had a designer check my work and she told me I had two different heights of cabinets in the space.”

A mistake like that would have cost thousands, but today’s software “checks your work” so to speak, so you can’t select incompatible components.

“Back then we really had to leverage plan views and that sketch if you will, where today it’s literally a click of a button and you can see the entire space in 3D.”

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