Element Sessions: Exploring Cabinetry Design Trends with Stephanie Pierce

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A new decade ushers in new interior design trends, and, for cabinetry, this means fresh takes on color, textures, materials and fixtures. Element Designs explores how cabinetry is evolving, changing and pushing the design envelope on this episode of “Element Sessions.”

Joined by Stephanie Pierce, Director of Design and Trends at MasterBrand Cabinets, Element Sessions uncovers what is on the horizon for in-home cabinetry, who is influencing trends and what design features are on the rise.

The cleanliness and crispness of white cabinetry may never go out of style, but Pierce assures that white is evolving. Warmer whites, pops of color and metal accents are all changing the look of white cabinetry. The blank canvas that is white cabinetry is getting a reset from designers with the use of metals like steel or brass. The mainstream is latching onto the trend because of its easy mass application as a tasteful but subtle accent.

Though the U.S. is typically a few years behind European trends, Pierce says influences from across the pond are popping up in designs thanks to a more globalized design world. Carefully curated color palettes are revolutionizing meaningful design with color choices that reflect the state of society, economy or personal mood. With customer personalization, environmental impact, and cost-friendly kitchens at the forefront of consumer concerns, designer creations reflect creativity in fresh but classic textures, design and mixed materials.

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